Molecular Mechanisms and Dynamics of Plant-Microbe Interactions at the Root-Soil Interface (InRoot) 


InRoot will provide knowledge and tools for science-based development of new crop varieties and associated microbial interventions that will improve productivity, reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides, and alleviate negative environmental impact. These critically important advances will be achieved by disentangling the effects of climate and soil type from the impact of root-microbe interactions, identifying key bacterial taxa governing the establishment of host-driven microbial networks in the rhizosphere, defining the plant genetic components that control infection of plant roots by ubiquitous and host-specific endophytes, understanding molecular mechanisms integrating root-microbe interactions into whole-plant physiology, and predicting plant performance as a function of plant and microbiota genotypes by building multiscale models. This project will focus on identifying conserved and specialized
features using genetically tractable plants representing the major food, feed, protein and oil crops: 1) the legume Lotus japonicus as a model for soybean, fava bean and other legume crops, 2) Wheat to represent maize, rice, and other cereal crops, and 3) Arabidopsis representing the non-arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) symbiotic Brassicaceae plants.


Meet our team:

Project Lead:

Professor Jens Stougaard

Aarhus University

Plant Genetics


Project Manager

Leila Kathleen Walker


Aarhus University

Associate Professor Stig Uggerhøj Andersen, Genomics
Associate Professor Simona Radutoiu, Microbiome
Assistant Professor Kasper Røjkjær Andersen, Biochemistry
Assistant Professor Dugald Reid, Phytohormones
Assistant Professor Simon Kelly, Bacterial genetics
Associate Professor Marianne Glasius, Chemistry

Head of Department, Professor Erik Østergaard Jensen, Molecular Biology

Postdoctoral Researcher Shaun Ferguson

Postdoctoral Researcher Ke Tao

Postdoctoral Researcher Peter Klemmed Bjørk

Postdoctoral Researcher Sebastian Schneider

Postdoctoral Researcher Turgut Yigit Akyol

Postdoctoral Researcher Florian Lamouche

Postdoctoral Researcher Nikolaj Abel

Postdoctoral Researcher Johan Quilbe

Research Assistant Sophia Schiermacher Stavnstrup

Graduate Student Camilla Salomonsen

Graduate Student Anna Martyn

Graduate Student Ib Thorsgaard Jensen


Tohoku University

Professor Shusei Sato, Field phenotyping

Postdoctoral Researcher Masura Banba

Graduate Student Madihah Manggabarani


University of Copenhagen

Professor Thomas Georg Roitsch, Plant physiology

Postdoctoral Researcher Saqib Saleem Akhtar


North Carolina State University

Professor Heike Sederoff, Plant metabolism
Assistant Professor Manuel Kleiner, Metaproteomics
Professor Cranos Williams, Modeling

Postdoctoral Researcher Nicole Parsley

Postdoctoral Researcher Lisa David

Graduate Student Clara Tang

Graduate Student Delecia Utley

Graduate Student Megan Franklin

Graduate Student Max Gordon


Utrecht University

Assistant Professor Ronnie de Jonge, Microbial genetics

Graduate Student Gijs Selten


UC Berkeley

Professor Henrik V. Scheller, Synthetic biology

Graduate Student Lorenzo Washington

Graduate Student Karen Serrano


Technical University of Denmark

Professor Paul Pop, BioSensors
Associate Professor, Winnie Edith Svendsen, BioSensors
Professor Jan Madsen, Modeling